A new day is dawning for the forgotten orphans of Africa...
 God of Wonder Ministries, Int. is helping orphans, widows, & the oppressed in Africa.

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Synergy is the result of like-minded people working together to reach the same goal. It happens when children of God come together in unity to accomplish Kingdom purposes. When we are living and working together as a body the way God intended, the Bible states that one of us will put a thousand to flight, and two will put ten thousand to flight.

Unity takes us from addition to multiplication, where there is an exponential increase in the results for the same amount of effort. When we work together, the enemy has no chance. We get more accomplished, go farther than previously possible, and everyone involved is changed.

This is the benefit of Partnership. When you combine your resources with ours, we can reach much further than we ever could without your help. When we combine our prayers with yours, you can become more than you ever dreamed. We both accomplish more and the Kingdom of God is expanded.


Partner with God of Wonder Ministries, International and make a difference in the lives of African orphans
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