A new day is dawning for the forgotten orphans of Africa...
 God of Wonder Ministries, Int. is helping orphans, widows, & the oppressed in Africa.

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Throughout the Bible we find the principal that those who support something share in the rewards from what is accomplished. Jesus said that anyone that gives to a prophet receives a prophetís reward. Paul talks repeatedly about those who share with him in spreading the Gospel. (Phillipians 4:15, 17; 1:7)

In the Old Testament David shared this principal as well. David and his men and gone out with the Philistines for battle and some of the kings, wisely, did not trust him and sent him home. When they arrived home they found that the Amalekites had taken their children, wives, and possessions in a raid.

He follows them with 600 men. At the Wadi Besor, 200 of his men are too exhausted to continue the pursuit. They stay there and watch the baggage while the rest of the men went on to defeat the Amalekites.

When they returned to the Wadi, the men that had fought didnít want to share the spoils with them. David lets them know that whoever  stays with the supplies, will always receive the same reward as those who went out into battle. (1 Samuel 30)

This spiritual principle is still true for you and I, just as it was for David and Paul. When you support our ministry, you share in the rewards we receive. Whether your support is financial or in prayer, your reward is the same as ours.

When God sits on His judgment seat and decides the rewards for the feats that expanded His Kingdom, you will be remembered right along with us. When God decides to increase the anointing upon us you will share in that anointing. When God pours out the revival that He has promised, you will share in the harvest, the blessings, and the increase of His presence in your life as well.

You are family. What happens to one of us happens to all of us.


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